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Hi and Welcome! I’m Sarah Dolliver and I love nature. I imagine you do, too.

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flower california california gulch california pass calm campbell mesa canyon canyonlands capitol reef cascade castle rock caterpillar cathedral rock century plant chair chapel cheerful chilnualna creek chipmunk chollah church cibola cleansing clearing storm cliff fendlerbush climbing clouds cobweb cockscomb coffee pot rock colorado colorado four o'clocks colorful columbine contemplation contemplative cook's meadow corrugated cottage cottonbowl basin cottonwood courthouse butte covered bridge cow pies coyote springs crazy hill cream cup creek crepuscular rays crystal forest crystals cunningham cabin daisy damp dank dark skies dawn daybreak dead tree death valley deer delicate desert desert botanical garden desert marigold desert paintbrush desert primrose desert varnish desert view determined doe mountain donkey double arch downtown drama dramatic light dreid grass dried grass driftwood droplets duck ducks dune lines dusk east quoddy replica egret electrical plug elephant rock ellow 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park yosemite np yosemite valley yucca zabriskie point zinnia zion national park
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