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Daybreak Reflection

September 23, 2021         Blissful Seasons

Regular readers will not be surprised that I love music and lyrics that move me. One such piece is John Denver's Seasons Suite.     

I've posted a link below to the complete suite of 5 related compositions. It's a natural masterpiece, guiding you through the cycles of the year, with music that is suggestive of each season, its qualities and moods. Oh, the lift and fall as your emotions ride the changes through the transitions.

Some lyrics that are moving include:

   Riding on the tapestry of all there is to see, so many ways and oh, so many things.

   Rejoicing in the differences, there's no one just like me.

   Yet as different as we are, we're still the same.

And the repeated chorus:

   And oh, I love the life within me, I feel a part of everything I see.

   And oh, I love the life around me, a part of everything is here in me.

   A part of everything is here in me, a part of everything is here in me.

And words to move us to be better individuals:

   Do you care what's happening around you?

   Do your senses know the changes when they come?

   Can you see yourself reflected in the seasons?

   Can you understand the need to carry on?

I hope you will take the time to watch and feel it all.

Watch the full 13 minutes of pure bliss here

It was difficult to choose a photo for this post so I opted for one of my images from Colorado, the landscape that inspired John Denver. Although this is NOT the Rockies, it is HIGH among the San Juan Mountains at over 10,000 feet elevation. 

Untitled photo

September 16, 2021       The First Step

Many things in life -- projects or personal growth, for instance -- feel monumental, like they are too much to handle. It can cause one to not even try or feel stagnant.

What's true is the full path forward may not be visible or known. It's also true that big things don't happen in one fell swoop. What's that saying about eating an elephant? LOL

The first step is important. As is the next one. Followed by another one. It's these incremental steps that create the shifts, change in perspective and, eventually, the progress.

The same pattern works for protecting our environment and natural world. One step today leads to another. Done by the multitudes,  we have significant progress to protect the world we all live in.

Take that first step and see where it leads you!

The Winding River

September 9, 2021       One More Mountain To Climb

"One more mountain to climb; One more river to cross.

I come such a long long way, and, still, I got a long way to go.

Weary all of the time, I've been tumbled and tossed;

There's always one more mountain to climb, And one more river to cross."

We all have struggles and challenges, but somehow we find the way to carry on. It takes courage. It takes holding hope above fear. It takes forward movement, one step at a time.

Be strong today and every day. You do not yet know what tomorrow may bring.

Songwriters: Howard Greenfield / Neil Sedaka

One More Mountain to Climb lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, BMG Rights Management

Sunset Surf

September 2, 2021       4 Elements

From ancient Greek philosophers to Carl Jung's four "humors," the elements of earth, air, fire and water have been well known. What importance do they bring to your life?

Your birth month gives you a predominant element. However, all 4 elements cannot be forgotten. Each one hold influence. For instance, I was born in an air month and can soundly relate to the creativity, communication and strategic qualities it brings. Yet, I also feel a strong attraction to earth elements, with commitment, stability and home qualities. I believe that is why I live in a mountainous, earthy environment.

Be aware of all 4 elements and what each does in your life. Here are some insights to ponder:

   *  Air: What makes you unique or sets you apart? 

   * Earth: What are your values, principles and ethics?

   * Fire: What are your passions? How would you describe your energy?

   * Water: How do you contribute? What legacy are you leaving?

Look closely at the image on the left. Do you see each of the elements there? Think imaginatively and let me know if you need any assistance. Just click the Contact link above to ask.

The Calm Amid The Storm

August 26, 2021        Be The Calm Amid The Storm

My eye was drawn to this scene for the stark juxtaposition of the leaves on the rock to the raging waters around them. Despite the chaos, the leaves are virtually undisturbed.

What an allegory about much of current life this is! Life roars around us, swirling and turbulent, begging us to engage in the same manner. Yet, each of us has a choice.

The choice comes when you distinguish between what's going on outside of you and how you are reacting within. All it takes is a present awareness of our own internal energies. Realizing external events are NOT you is the start. Then, respond instead of react. Reactions are very much  instinctual or programmed from your previous experiences. Responses are thoughtful, weighed by what you choose as a desired outcome and enacted to realize that outcome with care to all parties involved. 

Which do you choose to be: the raging river or the undisturbed leaves? It's your choice.

Untitled photo

August 19, 2021       Conscious Environments

Last Friday, I hung this new canvas in my dining room. Gosh, its impressive. First of all, it's huge; the largest piece of art I have at 40" by 60". And then, standing near it is just like being on the edge of the Grand Canyon. It's as if you could reach out and touch it.

I've always been conscious of my environments. Some things, like nature, help me connect. Other things, like crowds or busy streets, set me off kilter. So I consciously choose to surround myself as much as possible with nature. That includes what I have in my home, the colors I decorate with and what I'm able to look at out my windows. It's all designed to evoke a particular response.

I invite you to be more conscious about your environments. Feel what they do for you and make changes for the better. It's all worth it.

You can click here for a more intimate look at this image

Untitled photo

August 12, 2021         Reflection Time

Reflection time is such a gift of self-care. It's quiet time to put things into perspective without pressure before they get out of control. Yet, it often gets left out of busy lives.

When is life telling you that you need some reflection time? When things seem impossible or when one gets overly emotionally charged are two examples. Can you think of others that happen for you?

Reflection time is best as a regular practice built into your routine. This time helps to keep life's ripples from growing into crashing waves, can cause you to see things afresh and can take away stressors that worm their way into your thoughts. Also it holds the power to lighten gloominess and restore that "I can do it" attitude.

Won't you schedule some quiet contemplation for yourself every day?

Untitled photo

August 5, 2021     Respect For All Living Things

I don't remember the source of this image -- likely a social media post somewhere. But I remember its impact. I was taken by its reverence for nature and life.

Take a moment and read each line slowly. (I hope the spelling errors in #1 aren't a bother for you.) Drink in the meaning and ponder what it means in your life.

   * If you could act on any one of these today, which one would it be?

   * Could you act on one (or more) each day?

Contemplate the impact if EVERYONE did just that. It would be immense. It could be the kinder, gentler world so many of us yearn for.

Start today, please. We all need it.

All In A Row

July 29, 2021        Growing With Mother Nature

(Chorus) Inch by inch, row by row, I'm gonna make this garden grow

All it takes is a rake and a hoe and a piece of fertile ground

Inch by inch, row by row, someone bless these seeds I sow

Someone warm them from below 'til the rain comes tumbling down

Pullin' weeds and pickin' stones, we are made of dreams and bones

I feel the need to grow my own 'cause the time is close at hand

Grain for grain, sun and rain, I'll find my way in nature's chain

I tune my body and my brain to the music of the land


So plant your rows straight and long, temper them with prayer and song

Mother earth can keep you strong if you give her love and care

Now an old crow watching hungrily from his perch in yonder tree

In my garden I'm as free as that feathered thief up there


Inch by inch, row by row, someone bless these seeds I sow

Someone warm them from below 'til the rain comes tumbling down

Songwriters: David Mallett Garden

Song lyrics © Reservoir Media Management Inc

Untitled photo

July 22, 2021       Gaining Perspective

I'm just home from a week in upper California and lower Oregon. It's great to be immersed in nature and the travel brought home a lesson about perspective.

It's easy to get caught up in your head with problems or concerns. They feel weighty. The more one thinks, the more they seem to grow, looming exponentially larger with each passing moment. What can one do with this out-of-proportion situation? Here's a few ideas:

  * Talk it out with a trusted ally. Often, another objective perspective shows where you might be falling into a rabbit hole. It can shift the way you think and feel.

  * Write it down. Emphasize the feeling part of it. Don't hold back and let those emotions come up to the surface. When I've done this, something moves and the whole instance can feel lighter before you are even done. Don't worry about anyone seeing it as you can shred it or burn it as the final symbolic action of being done with it.

   * Put yourself in a physical situation where you are the small part of a very large scene. Try skyscrapers, tall trees or the edge of a large crevasse, like the Grand Canyon. When you are so physically dwarfed, your issues feel equally so.

Big problem...small problem. It's all a matter of gaining perspective.

Life Emerges Again

July 8, 2021        Wildfire Season Is Here

The extreme drought in the west of the United States during the past decade is taking its toll on the landscape. This time of year brings monsoon storms off the gulf coast along with thunder and lightning. While lightning starts some storms, too many are reported to have a human-related cause, whether from carelessness or sheer disregard.

To highlight some of the cost, a recent fire in a remote canyon near my home burned over 78,000 acres. Other fires in past years have scorched millions of acres in the west. The Hot Shot crews that fight these blazes in extreme temperatures dressed in full gear -- head to toe -- must be deeply thanked and blessed for all they give.

What burns this year will take years to recover. In some cases, we might never see that landscape the same way again in our lifetimes. However, Mother Nature is resilient and renewal will come. When remains the question.

Please, please be careful in nature and respect all it delivers to us. Many thanks! 

Untitled photo

July 1, 2021         When Shall We Be Free?

America is about to celebrate another birthday this coming weekend so many thoughts will be about freedom and what it means. I feel Garth Brooks sung it in his lyrics (abridged):

When we all walk hand in hand

When the last child cries for a crust of bread

When the last man dies for just words that he said

When there's shelter over the poorest head

When the last thing we notice is the color of the skin

And the first thing we look for is the beauty within

When the skies and the oceans are clean again

When we're free to love anyone we choose

When this world's big enough for all different views

When we all can worship from our own kind of pew

And when money talks for the very last time

And nobody walks a step behind

When there's only one race, and that's mankind

Then we shall be free

Stand straight, (walk proud,)

Have a little faith, (hold out;)

'Cause we shall be free

Songwriters: Garth Brooks / Stephanie Davis

We Shall Be Free lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

Peeking At The Peaks

June 24, 2021            Where Do You Draw The Line?

A friend recently asked me for a referral for some household help. It was very logical that they thought I would know someone who could help them too. But I didn't. What does one do in the instance?

A response of doing nothing didn't seem appropriate to me, although for someone else it might have been the ideal reaction. So I thought of what I would do if in the same situation and then I offered suggestions of what they might do to fulfill their need. 

How you respond is all a question of your boundaries -- where you choose to draw the line. The line is wherever you decide to let things into your life or keep them out. While this might seem selfish, it's really a question of self-support and protection, not total exclusion unless it might be harmful to you in some way, whether mental, emotional, physical or spiritual.

Boundaries are completely individual. They protect your vital energy and focus while allowing you to hone in on what's most important to you.

Do you know where your line is?

Glorious Sunrise

June 17, 2021       To Every Thing, There Is A Season

The intense heat has arrived here in the southwest Untied States. Records are being broken daily. And when it's this hot, the urge is to do less as it can hit 100+ degrees (F) by about 11:00 in the morning.

However, doing less doesn't mean doing nothing. Outside photography right now is very limited. I'm reading more, especially on work focused things. I'm officially summering.

You can follow the seasons for hints about what to do. Spring is for planting new ideas and watering them. Summer is for tending and nurturing spring's young plantings. Autumn is the time to harvest and gather. Winter is for planning, incubating new ideas and hibernating.

Now think of that in terms of projects and their stages. Having a project in each phase reduces stress and keeps you productive at all times. There's always something immediate and something else for the future. And planned time to rest, without guilt.

Mother Nature teaches her wisdom to those who watch and listen.

Untitled photo

June 10, 2021       Returning To Hope

There are times when any of us can feel down in the dumps or in the doldrums. It's a bummer. However, one doesn't have to stay there. By making a choice, you can shift your energy and uplift your sagging spirit. 

Here are a few suggestions of things that work for me and could work for you:

  *  Nature: (I bet you knew I'd put that one first. LOL) Getting into nature is great. Look at the clouds or growing plants. Drink in the sunshine. Nature changes every day and so can you.

  * Colors: Yellow is the most uplifting color for me. Pink comes in a close second. Which colors work that way for you?

  * Dawn: There's a lot of hope in the start of each new day. Watch the sunrise and feel it!

  * Music: Listen to your favorite songs. I keep a playlist called "Upbeat" just for this purpose of shifting the down energy. Hey, even sing as research now shows the resonance of your voice transforms what you feel.

There's hope in all of it. You don't have to stay a "Debbie Downer." Make the choice to feel better and act on it.

On The Surface

June 3, 2021     Thrive Where You Are Planted

It's so easy to feel that our own situation is less than ideal. We all tend to believe that the "grass is greener" somewhere else than right here where we are now.

Yet, in spite of those feelings, it is still possible to put together meaning and purpose from right where you are, even knowing that we are blind to the master plan of things on the universal level.

Here are a few suggestions:

  * Self-care: One cannot function or thrive from a well that has gone dry. Replenish yourself regularly in whatever manner serves you best.

  * Be willing to be vulnerable: Everyone struggles however we try to hide it. Be willing to expose your roots.

  * Share: We don't really know what impact we can have or inspiration we can give until we share. Contribute what is meaningful, no matter how seemingly small or insignificant. It may have great importance.

Sunset Drama

May 27, 2021            Clouds

Rows and flows of angel hair

And ice cream castles in the air

And feather canyons everywhere

Looked at clouds that way

But now they only block the sun

They rain and they snow on everyone

So many things I would have done

But clouds got in my way

I've looked at clouds from both sides now

From up and down and still somehow

It's cloud's illusions I recall

I really don't know clouds at all

Songwriters: Joni Mitchell

Both Sides, Now lyrics © Crazy Crow Music / Siquomb Music Publishing

Ah, the wonder of nature!

Untitled photo

May 20, 2021     In Memorium

I was saddened to learn last week that this graceful arch pictured to the left, known as Windstone Arch and found in the Valley of Fire State Park, NV,  has given way. The full leg from below the widest part of the "bent knee" to the ground is now gone. While the exact cause is not known, it is felt that it is simply the effects of time...the wearing of natural environmental forces. You might be able to see a drack about half way up the leg when you look closely and that is possibly a contributing factor.

Windstone Arch was all of 2-3 feet tall, sequestered in an alcove that one had to crawl into to get this view. It was small and delicate, next to the stout, hardy and often massive rock formations near it. And it was sought after by many photographers since made famous as the cover image of a Southwest photography book by David Muench.

I am flooded with memories of Windstone Arch: of when I tried to find it based on GPS coordinates and failed; of taking fellow photographers there so they could capture their personal memories. I'll cherish those with a heartfelt smile.

So what's the message this week? Everything is temporal. Things build up and they break down. It's constant. Change will always be.

I'm glad to have known you, Windstone Arch!

Old And New

May 13, 2021       Plug Back In

It's been quite a long year of adjustments, accommodations and learning to do things in new ways. It can feel as if so much has been taken away that not much is left to enjoy.  Life also can feel complicated in some parts and simplified in others. 

If your life is like many others, priorities have shifted. What was once very important might not feel so much that way any longer. However, some things will forever be important, like family, other people and connected relationships. These things enrich us and keep us plugged in to the parts of life that matter most.

So what matters most to you? How do you stay plugged in and feeling vital? What inspires you? Those are the things that touch your heart and make you feel alive. Do more of those things every day!

Untitled photo

May 6, 2021    The Missing Ingredient

In my April 22 post on Be Unique, Not Cliche (see below), I encouraged all us us to speak from the heart rather than using trite words. After reading Louder Than Words by Todd Henry, I came to realize what is missing in all those stale phrases: it's empathy.

Empathy is feeling what another is feeling. Please don't mix it with sympathy, which is more relates to understanding another's suffering or loss. In the book, Todd Henry laid out a 4-step process to acting with empathy:

  * Decide to suspend any judgment and actively choose to an empathic connection

  * Identify with whatever the other person is feeling. This takes time to understand the other person and relate to their experience.

  * Recall a time when what they are going through happened to you. What were your needs and wants?

  * Act from what will best serve the other person

These selfless steps encourage one to slow down and temper any response, especially those commonplace phrases that oft end up overused and lacking genuine personal feelings.

I urge you to try for more empathy in your life. It will be a positive step towards a kinder, gentler society.

Saguaro Rainbow-Wide

April 29, 2021         End Of The Rainbow

Fable tells us that at the end of each rainbow we will find a leprechaun with a pot of gold. Many people strive hard to reach for goals, dreams and desires as their own personal "pot of gold."

Years ago, I gave  up trying to achieve goals. I had seen them appear very alluring and desirable, but few, if any, came to be. Meanwhile, my solitary focus on that one thing felt like I was navigating life with blinders on.

After releasing goals, I found that there was more promise in each step taken on the journey than there was in the destination. Traveling life was easier without a fixed destination. I could detour and not feel punished or deprived. There was more promise, enrichment and fewer limitations. Meanwhile, I've accomplished much along the way.

I'm not saying everyone should release goals. Yet, if they aren't working for you as you would like, perhaps it is something you are willing to try. After all, isn't life just one big experiment?

Untitled photo

April 22, 2021     Be Unique, Not Cliche

Just look. Just listen. It's all around you. "What", you ask? The cliche and unoriginal. You can't avoid it.

For instance, listen to what others say. Personally, I'm tired of "Thank you for your service", "So sorry for your loss", and "Thank you so much." They are said often and mostly as an immediate reaction, without thought or feeling, to the situation. Please don't get me wrong; I'm not belittling our veterans, those who have lost a loved one or people who deserve your gratitude. But let's stop with this knee-jerk reaction stuff and say what you really feel in your heart.

Here are some possible alternatives: "What you did was a great service to our nation and our freedom. Thank you!" Or "It's never easy to lose someone you care for." Or perhaps "I'm very grateful for _____"  Fill in the blank with (saying that) (what you've done) or something that applies.

The same goes for the images we view. Social media is full of them. Like this one on the left. Yes, it's mine, but it's hardly different from thousands of others available by other photographers, professional or not. It's so iconic there are nearly tripod holes to help in your setup when you arrive.

The message here? It's speak from the heart what you really feel, whether it's in words or through images. Be unique. Blaze your own path. It's the essential value we all need in this cliche world.

Getting To The Root Of Things

April 15, 2021    Are You Grounded?

Everyday life can tax us, even to the point where we feel drained, without energy or focus, uneasy or flighty. These and other indicators, like low self-image or having many unfinished things, can tell us we are not grounded.

Like roots, we need to feel a part of the physical realm to hold it all together in the brisk pace of today's world. Having a regular grounding practice can help. Try these things to ground yourself:

   * Walk mindfully, sensing each footfall and feeling your muscles move

   * Sit or lie on the ground. Imagine roots from you penetrating into the earth. How far can they go?

   * Stop and take a 5-senses inventory: What to you see, hear, smell, taste and feel? Simply describe it and acknowledge its presence.

   * Try gardening, tending to plants or other living things

The more grounded you are, the more manageable all the things in your life will be.

Untitled photo

April 8, 2021        Harmony, Hope, Peace and Love

From a distance the world looks blue and green

And the snow-capped mountains white

From a distance the ocean meets the stream And the eagle takes to flight

From a distance, there is harmony And it echoes through the land

It's the voice of hope; It's the voice of peace; It's the voice of every man

From a distance, we all have enough And no one is in need

And there are no guns, no bombs and no disease 

No hungry mouths to feed

From a distance, we are instruments Marching in a common band

Playing songs of hope; Playing songs of peace; They are the songs of every man

From a distance, you look like my friend Even though we are at war

From a distance, I just cannot comprehend What all this fighting’s for

From a distance, there is harmony And it echoes through the land

And it's the hope of hopes It's the love of loves; It's the heart of every man

It's the hope of hopes; It's the love of loves This is the song for every man

Songwriter: Julie Gold

Untitled photo

April 1, 2021     When Things Fall Apart...

...all is not lost. Things may not be what you choose but you still have options and choices.

In this situation, it's time to stop, reassess and choose anew. Here are some questions that can help:

  * What do you really want?

  * Why do you want it?

  * How is it different from what you initially thought?

  * Who else is involved or could be involved?

  * When is it desirable? Perhaps things are just taking longer?

  * How can you make that happen?

So don't give up. There 's always a way, even if it's a detour to your destination.

Also see our post of March 4: Through the Fog and Mist

Scary Beauty

March 25, 2021     How Does Nature Inspire You?

Ever since I first started taking photographs over 10 years ago, I've been inspired by dead trees. I know, kinda weird, huh?

I love their expressive shapes, each one with its own distinct message. Some appear dancing and whimsical. Others are strong and stalwart. Each one endures, even in decay.

They stand as a lasting tribute to a long life of nurturing from the land and giving back in a symbiotic relationship with other living things. Nature truly is amazing!

How does nature inspire you?

Cycles of Life

March 18, 2021       In Celebration of Spring

Springtime officially arrives on the calendar this week, whether it is expressed in your current weather or not. Rest assured, it is on its way.

Spring is an uplifting season. It's time for a change of feel lighthearted once again. The air is fresh and the ground is alive, supporting new growth. Trees and plants reawaken with budding, colorful expressions. It's a time to plant and nurture.

In contrast,  what's old or weathered might show up as out of place. Perhaps it's time to discard what conflicts with the current pattern.

And so it might be in your physical environments, mental, emotional or spiritual lives. What's budding for you? What's ready to bloom? What could you discard? Time to ponder and tend your own garden. 

Untitled photo

March 11, 2021    Self-Renewal

Daybreak is also a time of renewal: to feel new again. The rising sun replenishes something within each of us that is hard to name.

Which part of you calls out for renewal today?

This is one page from my ebook called Dawn of Opportunity: Inspirations to nurture hope, courage and new beginnings. You can purchase this and my other ebooks at

Through The Mist

March 4, 2021     Through the Fog and Mist

Life doesn't always provide clear, easy choices. At times, the path is obscured or unclear, as if standing in fog. Your options are clouded. What we each want is the no risk choice.

But that's not always possible. Many times, what's most important is simply to move from one place to another. Take one step in any direction and reassess. Move up, down, left or right. For sure, the view from there will be different and can provide insight you didn't have before, hopefully making your path clearer.

And knowing you can always move back to where you were reduces any risk. The view upon your return will most likely have changed, too.

There's a photography lesson here, too. One shift in your point of view changes everything and the relationship of one thing to another within the frame. So shift your perspective and see what else adjusts with it.

Untitled photo

February 25, 2021   Courage to Open Your Heart

We must replace fear and chauvinism, hate, timidity and apathy, which flow in our national spinal column, with courage, sensitivity, perseverance and, I even dare say, "love." And by "love" I mean that condition in the human spirit so profound it encourages us to develop courage. It is said that courage is the most important of all the virtues, because without courage you can't practice any other virtue with consistency.

Maya Angelou, Even the Stars Look Lonesome

Untitled photo

February 18, 2021    Seeds of the Future

So many of us are buried in the demands of this single day that it is hard to look toward the future. While it is good to have a habit of being present or mindful to the here and now, that practice is not so good at the exclusion of nurturing the seeds for what you want in your future.

Could you set aside time to assess your future desires and goals? Make a long list of what you choose to create in or with your life. It won't happen unless you know what you are aiming for.

Once known, break those desires and dreams down in to smaller, actionable steps that you can integrate with your current daily plans. Bite-size regular steps will propel you toward those dreams and ideal life you imagined. Otherwise, those dreams may never germinate, but lay on the parched sand for eternity. 

I Believe I Can Fly

February 11, 2021        I Believe I Can Fly

You must know the song by that title from R. Kelly. It's a song of hope and determination, of belief in yourself and the power of human will. Look up the lyrics and I think you will be moved simply by reading them.

Also, there 's a quote attributed to Henry Ford that says whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right! Yes, we are only limited by what we think or believe.

One can remove that limitation by shifting your thinking. "I can...", "I believe..." and "I am..." are all powerful ways to plant new thoughts. Won't you try them for yourself?

It's All Connected

February 4, 2021        We're All Connected

Does it take a pandemic to really convince us of this truth?

One doesn't have to be highly sensitive to realize there is an invisible force connecting all of us. It's just as invisible as the virus gripping us now -- the one that is keeping us from seeing others' smiling faces or getting a good hug. 

I'm sure you've felt it in your life. How? Have you ever thought of someone and then get a phone call or email from them? Yes, that's it: connection. I'm not entirely sure how it works, yet it does.

We're all craving connection as we approach one year in lockdown. So in place of a hug, please try to "get" those in your life -- really understand them and what they are experiencing now and in the future. Explore their feelings and share yours, too. It's one way we can help each other.

Oh, what we all would give for a good hug!

Untitled photo

January 28, 2021         There's Just No Talking To You

I've noticed lots of talking these days with very little listening, especially listening to understand another viewpoint. No toleration. No compromise. No kindness. All that causes is a standoff.

Diversity is not only about race, religion or many other things. It's also about different life philosophies. Our freedom relies on it.

What can you as a single person do? When you feel the need to assert your point, it's your signal to stop, check yourself and start to listen. Please practice kindness and toleration as we all need it.

Untitled photo

January 21, 2021          Earthly Struggle

I was drawn to this image for the contrast -- not in color or light, but in the story. The tree shows a graphic earthly struggle to survive while the dancing clouds above, lyrical in shape, appear  juxtaposed, as if almost laughing at the struggle.

No doubts about it, 2020 was quite a year of grappling. Life as we knew it has drastically changed, some things forever while others might shift back in time. That's our earthly struggle.

Please remember that as we wrestle, there is always something to point to to help us shift and be like the clouds -- light, bright and freely moving.

Untitled photo

January 14, 2021             A Salute to Sedona, My Home

I am blessed to live in beautiful Sedona, AZ, for the last 16 years. I feel so grounded among the towering red rock formation. Their endurance gives me strength and feeds my soul. I love to find a hiking trail to travel, experiencing nature and learning some of her lessons along the way.  for me, it's paradise.

Castle Rock Glow

Taken from my patio during a clearing storm

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