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Nature-illustrated Journeys Helping You be a Better You

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The Dawn Of Opportunity: Inspirations to nurture hope, courage and new beginnings

Where can you turn when you are in need of hope? Or when you want to shift to a platform of strength with a more optimistic outlook? This compact volume leads you on an emotional journey that leaves you feeling uplifted and encouraged, ready to thrive once again.

You are guided on this incredible excursion by pairing awe-inspiring sunrise photographs with reflective passages and questions that spark new thoughts along with inspired emotions.

When read from cover to cover, its flow can shift your mood to create hope, courage and a passion to embrace opportunity in this moment. Otherwise, you can simply select any page to contemplate its deeper meaning for you at this moment or use the images with questions as prompts for your daily journaling.

Every day offers an opportunity for a fresh start. Begin yours now!


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Self-Care Secrets: 10 Practical Steps to Everyday Serenity

Are you NOT a priority on your own to-do list? Or always sluggish to tend to your own needs or desires?

Whether you are a stressed employee, caregiver to an important person or overworked mom, learning to give to yourself daily moves you from depleted to renewed. When you do that, urgencies are reduced, important things get handled and you make a more significant impact on the world around you.

You will discover:

-  How wants differ from needs and which one to put first

-  How to use your emotions to improve your response to situations

-  What true friendships are really like

-  The 2 components that let you use spoken words constructively at any time

And more!

When you get right down to it, no one else can do your self-care for you. IT IS UP TO YOU! Take these important first steps to shift and make yourself top priority.


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Reflections: Inquiries to Grow a More Grounded, Meaningful Life

Do you feel like the world runs you? Or perhaps you sense being pulled in many directions and none of them feel any good?

Put yourself in charge of your own life! That’s where Reflections comes in. The time-tested wisdom of this nature-illustrated volume shows you how to get back in touch with your inner desires and live a life that expresses who you truly are.

You will discover how to:

-  Build your self-worth

-  Use your values, talents and gifts

-  Increase your creativity and valued relationships

-  Get free from your struggles and your past

-  Take charge of your dreams and future

All this with the simple, yet powerful, practice of reflection. Get started today!


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